About me:

I am a mid-twenties, career-minded, businessman who has enjoyed numerous success in my career and in my side projects. I work in sales and have won numerous awards for volume increases, customer retention, growth, and more. I am the youngest individual in my company to hold a management position and to be considered a “seasoned veteran” in my field.  I have also worked on numerous side projects with other like-minded business people on areas such as webdesign, marketing, business consulting, sales, and more. In the past two years I have grown sales at my current company over $1 million, which in my industry is huge.


About this blog:

I’ve learned quite a few things in my career and personal business projects and I want to share this knowledge. This blog will be updated with content relevant to young business people, such as myself, who are looking to get further ahead, deal with the obstacles of being young and very successful, and what I have personally done in my career that may help others. So read on, enjoy, and even send me a message if you feel the need. I am always looking to connect with like-minded individuals. And while I am writing this blog to share my knowledge, I also hope to gain some as well.


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